When I was younger I accepted the sentiment of “pro gaming is just like any sport” and now I don’t



has anyone made a joke about the x-files but instead its “the x-feels”? has anyone done this before


TBH I’m not making much money here by any means but I’m making real money and it belong 2 me :’)

  1. I took a nap and then felt even sicker than before and I am so over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I looked in my bank account after my first 2 real paycheck deposits ever and that was okay :>

Cough drops don’t work

I’ve also been sick since Monday and it sucky big time!!

I haven’t had a single drink since before I turned 21 four days ago

What am I going to look like when I’m REALLY an adult

Sometimes I wonder what I’m going to look like as an adult and then I remember that I am one of those sort of

Raised: $0.00

Goal: $2,500.00

Help fund me and my girlfriends fursuits

Any one who donates 25 dollars or more would recieve our personal facebook accounts and get to view us attending these conventions.